Mission Statement: "To Cooperatively Inspire All Students to Achieve Their Potential"

Pierre Governors Live Streaming

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Pierre Governor and Lady Governor home athletic events are streaming live on our district's YouTube channel. Select the link above to check out home events being streamed live this week.

T.F. Riggs Governor

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The T.F. Riggs Governor is a student created school newspaper containing current student news, information, and happenings throughout T.F. Riggs High School. The Governor is published monthly, and can be found by clicking on the image above, or by selecting the link below to past images.

Student Organizations and Activities

The Pierre School Districts offers students K-12 with a multitude of activities and organizations to be a part of. Such activities and organizations encourage student learning, student cooperation, service and responsibility, and contributes to the overall pride of the school and community.

Below are examples of activities and organizations students across the district can become involved in. Each image is linked to that activity's or organization's website.

Theater: Riggs students have the opportunity to be involved in 3 productions per year at Riggs! Students can be a part of the onstage production and/or the backstage technical crew. The fall musical in 2015 will be “Shrek, the Musical.”


TATU: Teens Against Tobacco Use is an organization of GMMS students working to help their peers make the smart decision to not use tobacco. BE SMART...DON'T START!

Gumbo: There's nothing else like the Gumbo! Get your hands on the limited edition collection of our stories from the year. Share it with your friends today and hang on to it for years to come!

Daktronics: Students get an opportunity to learn to use Daktronic's Venus 1500 V4 and Show Control software to create and play animations on our school's digital display boards.

Technical Education: LEARN MORE EARN MORE!

FBLA: Join the ranks of FBLA! Take advantage of the opportunity to develop your leadership skills through organization of school and community projects, travel to professional development conferences, and participation in challenging competitions.




Circle of Friends Circle of friends is an opportunity for Georgia Morse Middle School students of all backgrounds and abilities to interact positively and have fun!

Nerdvana: Was created as an organization for likeminded gamers to gather and play board games (no electronics allowed) such as Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Patherfinder, etc.

Close Up: Be informed and involved in American democracy! Come join an organization of students who are excited about developing the skills and attitudes to become informed and engaged citizens.

Latin: Since the beginnings of Pierre High School, Latin a been a mainstay of the curriculum. Fourty-five year teacher, Mr. Mick, still offers the challenges of that ancient classical languge which has been the center of a good education since the time of the Christ.

Teen Court:


Girls on the Run: Girls on the Run is a physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in grades 3rd-8th. The program teaches life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games.


YIP: The GMMS Youth Involvement Program is desigend to get kids involved with the middle school in a positive way. Students interact with fellow students in a positive manner, and participate in activities throughout the year.

T.F. Riggs Knowledge Bowl: