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Superintendent's Comments

The Pierre School District is committed to continuing its rich tradition of academic and extra-curricular successes! The 2016-17 school year promises to be another great one for our students, staff, and community. The Pierre School District staff is an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic group who are committed to providing the best possible education opportunities for our students. Our students take pride in their schools, as evidenced by their performance in the classroom, on the stage, and/or athletic arena! Although we continue to receive numerous accolades and awards for our many successes, I am convinced that the Board of Education, administrative staff, teachers, and support staff will not be satisfied with the status quo.

Our district recently transitioned from 4 elementary schools to 3 elementary schools, closing Washington & McKinley and opening the newly constructed Kennedy Elementary School. One of the Pierre School Board’s goals for the 2014-15 school year was to create greater parity in the distribution of students across the 3 elementary schools. We are excited to inform you of that goal being achieved with all 3 elementary schools being very similar in size, student population, and educational opportunities afforded to all students.

The District is committed to our mission statement: “To Cooperatively Inspire All Students to Achieve Their Potential”. With support and encouragement from family, friends, and Pierre School staff members, every child in our district can excel to levels they never felt possible. Please help encourage our students to put forth the effort necessary to make this happen!

Although I believe we have an outstanding school district, our team is always looking for ways to improve. My door is always open and I welcome your input and suggestions.

I believe that good years, months, weeks, and days don’t just happen; each individual administrator, teacher, support staff, parent, and student must make them happen. That being said:


Dr. Kelly Glodt
Superintendent of Schools

Note from the Director of Education

Pierre School District’s K-12 education programs are designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate instruction to all students. Highly qualified staff instruct courses that meet State and District learning standards. Each year District staff work together in reviewing and updating the selected curriculum. In 2015-16, a wide variety of courses adopted new materials. Each of these will have new resources and materials allowing our students to have access to the best, most current publications of fore mentioned courses starting August 2016. During this 2016-17 school year, the curriculum adoption committee will be reviewing materials for Language Arts courses with the process starting in November, gaining School Board approval of chosen materials around March and implementation in August of 2017.

For those students in need of additional supports, the Pierre School District provides special education and special education with related services to “children with disabilities” ages three through twenty-one. The state of South Dakota serves children birth through twenty-one if the child under three is in need of prolonged assistance. Support programs offered are: occupational therapy, psychological services, speech pathology, physical therapy services and autism spectrum assessment and diagnosis.

Our office is here to help support the teachers of Pierre School District as well as parents and their child. Please stop by the Director of Education office, email or call if you have any questions. Enjoy the school year.

Troy Wiebe
Director of Education

Pierre School Administrative Staff

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Superintendent of Schools

Troy Wiebe
Director of Education

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