Kennedy Elementary School

I want to welcome all of our families to a new school year. We are excited to work with our returning Kennedy Elementary families, as well as welcome in families who are coming to work with our staff for the first time.

The curriculum is driven by the Common Core State Standards. Our staff focuses significant time and effort to provide a literacy rich environment with emphasis on reading, writing, and language acquisition. Our focus is traditional in the sense that it teaches basic skills in reading, writing, and math. We also provide a variety of enrichment opportunities to enhance student experiences and learning. Our school makes strong use of technology and continues to evolve with technology as it changes to enhance lessons and learning experiences for children. Kennedy Elementary is a K – 5, three section school that we expect to enroll around 400 students. Class sizes typically range from 20-25 students.

On a daily basis, students will be exposed to positive character traits that will continually be emphasized. In addition to this, students are exposed daily to social thinking skills to create a positive learning and social environment for all. An emphasis on peaceful conflict resolution is also utilized in an effort to create a welcoming environment for all and reduce bullying.

Throughout the year we will be looking to create a strong home & school partnership to enhance our curricular offerings to students. Our school will provide you with a warm & welcoming atmosphere. We hope you find a way to support our school positively throughout the year and join us on this new educational journey! We are looking forward to providing quality education and working with your family this year!

Kelly Hansen
Principal, Kennedy Elementary