Kennedy Elementary School

Welcome back to all returning and new families for the 2019 – 2020 school year! The Kennedy Elementary staff is excited for the opportunity to work collaboratively with students and families for another exceptional school year.

Kennedy Elementary is a K – 5, three section school with an average enrollment of 420 students. Class sizes typically range from 20-25 students. We strive to provide an atmosphere that has strong curricular, social, and other learning opportunities. Our staff focuses significant time and effort to provide a literacy rich environment with emphasis on reading, writing, and language acquisition. Staff at Kennedy also embrace providing a variety of enrichment and individualized opportunities to enhance individual student experiences and learning. Our school makes strong use of technology and continues to evolve with technology as it changes to enhance lessons and learning experiences for children. We take pride in providing opportunities to build skills needed for the present, while preparing students for their future. To take advantage of those opportunities and maximize learning, regular student attendance is a must. Good attendance helps students build confidence, master concepts, and build a habit that will be necessary for them as they continue to grow. Being at school each and every day will provide your child with the needed foundation for success in school in the present and years to come. On a daily basis, students will be exposed to positive character traits that will continually be emphasized. In addition to this, students are exposed daily to social thinking skills to create a positive learning and social environment for all where students can continually grow and learn lifelong social skills. An emphasis on peaceful conflict resolution is also utilized in an effort to create a welcoming environment for all, and reduce bullying.

Kennedy Elementary will provide you with a warm & welcoming atmosphere, in which we strive to provide significant growth for each child academically, socially, and emotionally. Your involvement in our school through classroom assistance, PTO support, and in other ways can only enhance the opportunities provided for your child! We hope you find a way to support our school positively throughout the year and make the most of the opportunities that are provided. We are looking forward to providing quality education and working with your family this year!

The Kennedy staff is looking forward to the school year, let’s make it a great one!

Kelly Hansen
Principal, Kennedy Elementary