Jefferson Elementary School

Welcome to Jefferson Elementary School where we incorporate the Boys Town Educational Model and the “Bucket Filler Program” as a motivating tool for students. At Jefferson, we strive to be one of the best elementary schools in the country by following the Boys Town Model and believing in “PAWS” each and every day: Positive Attitudes Will Succeed!

The parents and students of Jefferson Elementary are our “customers” and we are committed to ensuring high customer satisfaction by maintaining open communication and a strong desire to help the children in our care become their personal bests. Students are provided with age appropriate learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful, and connected to the world around them. The community serves as a rich resource of support and parents are welcome and eager to volunteer and support our efforts.

We are a K-5 three-section school. We provide a language rich program along with a balanced literacy program enhanced with daily writing experiences across the grades. The elementary years are intended to build a strong foundation for future academic success; as a result, much emphasis is placed on the basics: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Common Core Standards drive our curriculum along with systematic assessment to provide feedback for teaching and learning.

Jefferson Elementary continues to be an accredited academic institution as required under the South Dakota Department of Education. Regular monthly staff development days are built into the calendar to ensure staff has time to improve the delivery of educational programs. Technology is integrated when appropriate and we, also, have three wireless labs to provide portability and to maximize our space. Jefferson Elementary averages around 450 students per year, and our class sizes range from 20-26.

We are excited and looking forward to a great year!

Bill Kaiser
Principal, Jefferson Elementary