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GM Middle School

Georgia Morse Middle School strives to offer a full comprehensive program.  Building personnel is comprised of 41 certified staff and 17 classified staff.  The building itself was expanded and remodeled in 2001.  The site was previously the old high school which then in 1972 turned into a Jr. High made up of grades 7-9.  Through the recent remodeling
phases and additions, the 9th grade moved to the high school in 1997, and the 6th grade moved up to this current middle school in 2001.


Georgia Morse Middle School has teams of teachers that closely monitor student progress. The teams have a common learning period each day in order to do such items as track student progress, communicate with parents, updating a team website including daily assignments, professional development, small group tutoring and build interdisciplinary lessons or units. Core classes at the 6th grade level are Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science with Physical Education, Art, Music, Computers, Life Skills, Literature Connections, and Study Hall sharing time on a rotational “wheel”. For the 7th and 8th grade, the core classes are Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Health/Physical Education with the Exploratory or "Encore" classes of Art, Family and Consumer Science, Technical Education, Computer Applications, Band and Chorus. Emphasis is put on Reading, Language Arts, and Math as these subjects have shown, in regards to No Child Left Behind, to be areas for school improvement focus. The Technical Education Class uses new Synergistic Modules that include the latest innovations in science and mathematics, and the Family and Consumer Science Program brings daily living skills to the forefront with new software modules as well in addition to the hands on lab opportunities. Computer classes offer real life experiences for the digital age that we currently live in.        


The Middle School is fortunate to have five (5) computer labs that are accessible to the students for assignments, enrichment, and research.  Smartboards, document scanners, and dynamic software make their way into the classrooms creating interesting and meaningful learning experiences.  More than fifty percent of our classrooms have Smartboard technology.  Specialized personnel direct guidance and counseling programs.  Such programs include Character Education, Project Wisdom and Project Citizen.  Student Groups include Yearbook staff, Where Everybody Belongs (WEB), Taking Action Against Tobacco Use (TATU), Youth to Youth, Student Council, and Circle of Friends.  The Middle School offers a wide variety of fine arts programs including band, chorus, and drama.  Math Counts is another example of extra programming offered.  Extra-curricular athletic opportunities include basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, cross-country, golf, tennis, track, football, weight lifting (Iron Man), and volleyball.


Our Building’s climate and culture has been emphasized to aid in building relationships, maintaining a place of safety and interest, as well as demonstrate our community’s commitment to a strong education.  An inviting environment is provided at Georgia Morse Middle School.  Trees and benches welcome students, parents, staff and guests into the school.  Four networked television monitors display student activities and announcements.  A nutritious breakfast is also available to all students.  Our cafeteria has neon lights and art work to create a fun, social atmosphere meeting the needs of the middle level student.  For the safety, comfort, and convenience of our students, we have separate entrances for each grade level.  Each student is given an agenda as an important link for parents to monitor assignments and assessments.  Students are expected to carry their agenda with them at all times, as it serves as a hall pass.


Staff members are encouraged to take advantage of many professional development opportunities that will advance technological skills and use the effective instructional practices to increase student achievement.  Century 21st Skills have been practiced during staff in-service opportunities.  Professional Book reads have also been a tool to work as a school community and discuss best practices.  Georgia Morse Middle School continues strong efforts in meeting the needs of all students including low performing students. 


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