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Shelby Frame - President
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Brenda Hemmelman - Secretary


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  Washington PTO Minutes


January 27, 2013


PTO treasurer Jill Kruger called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.  Present: Mr. Hansen, Brenda Hemmelman, Melissa Flor, Lynn Spomer, Brian Hemmelman

No additions to the agenda.

Secretary’s Report:  Brenda has been gathering volunteers to work at the book fair.  Still need a few slots filled for the Thursday afternoon shifts.

Treasurer’s Report:  no questions or comments.  Things are looking good.

Principal’s Report:

Quilt Raffle:  Mr. Hansen would like to get this going.  Raffle tickets could be sold at the upcoming spring activities like book fair, bingo night, fun nights.  Ticket sales would be complete by the end of the year.  Proceeds could go towards a nice scrolling marquee in the lunchroom of the new school to honor Mr. Red Willow.  Need to discuss with school business manager and lawyer about what needs to happen with PTO funds from Washington and McKinley when new school opens. 

Math night:  Mrs. McGinnis is planning for this spring.  She will be showing kids and parents games that kids can do at home to make math fun.  PTO is giving $100 for this program. 

PTO sponsored assembly:  Mr. Hansen has looked at the website of a speaker Gabe Hope, who talks about overcoming obstacles.  Bullying has also been suggested as a topic, as well as fun assemblies related to school subjects like science.  PTO has $500 to put towards a speaker.  Mr. Hansen will do some further research. 

Fruit sales: this project went really well.  Lynn Spomer suggested to the company that perhaps they could find a better way to label the boxes.  Earnings were around $6000. 

Book Fair: looking good for volunteers.  Still need a coordinator.  A note will be sent home with students looking for a few more volunteers as well as coordinators for book fair, bingo night, etc.  It was noted how important it is to get parent volunteers to help with PTO activities, especially as parents of 5th graders and PTO officers move on to middle school activities.  New volunteers are needed to keep these programs moving forward into the future. 

Staff lunch for conferences: Thursday, Feb. 13, 3 pm in the teacher’s lounge.  Parents supply potluck lunch for teachers during conferences.  Need about four different kinds of soups, desserts, breads, etc.  Brenda will send out an email to those who indicated an interest in helping with this activity to get a list going.  Jill will purchase bowls, spoons, napkins, etc.  Plan for about 30 people. 

Bingo night:  sometime in March.  This activity also needs a coordinator. 

Mr. Hansen mentioned that the Washington PTO page on the school district website needs some updating.  The PTO vice president will be asked to provide updates, and Mr. Hansen will forward minutes of PTO meetings to be posted.

Spring family fun night:  spring activity, need coordinator. 

PTO will have Tuesday meetings for the rest of the school year. 

From Lynn Spomer:  Reagan did a school lunch survey and presented her findings to the school board.  There is a possible grant opportunity through Wellmark that would encourage getting kids active and healthy.  Lynn will forward information to Mr. Hansen.  Reagan is also working with the American Heart Association on legislation that would require kids to know CPR before graduation.  She is helping with a grant for the Boys and Girls Club for a garden, in cooperation with Katie’s Krops.  www.katieskrops.com Lynn also mentioned that GFP has snowshoes available at Farm Island and it would be a fun PE activity for 4th-5th graders to learn to snowshoe. 

PTO encouraged Mr. Hansen to look into how much a portable sound system would cost.  This would be useful for Washington activities and would also be useful in the new school. 

Next meeting will be held on February 25 (Tuesday) at 7 pm. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.  

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